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Appalacia Missions Trip 2018

By Amplify Church in Pittsburgh East Campus 4 months ago | 1267 views
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We are excited to be taking our second trip to Mullens, West Virginia!

Mullens is a city in Wyoming County, West Virginia with a population of 1,559 residents. It is located in a valley along the Guyandotte River within a mountainous region of southern West Virginia. The once thriving coal mining town has seen it’s industry shrink within the past decade.  The town was also nearly destroyed by flash flooding in July 2001. While the town has attempted to redevelop with the aid of state and federal recovery money, many local businesses and residents have left the area permanently.  The residents that remain, struggle to maintain their homes.  Leaky roofs, drafty windows, disintegrating porches and decks and minor plumbing and electrical fixes are on the list. We also do a lot of work for the elderly. Their family members of working ages have moved away to find jobs and they are left behind. Often they are confined to wheelchair’s so the installation of handicap ramps are such a blessing to them.

This is a construction ministry so carpentry skills are a plus but not a necessity.   If you’ve never used a hammer now is the time to learn.  We will be using hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, tin snips, pliers, prybars, levels, utility knives, caulking guns and maybe even a paintbrush or two. Some of the power tools we will be using will be drills, circular saws, miter saws, table saws, nail guns and impact drivers. We will be redoing some roofs.  Our policy is never to do a roof taller than one story and each roof must only have a slight pitch to it. There will be some use of ladders. All construction crews will be led by an experienced construction foreman. On average, each crew has eight people. 4 high schoolers, 2 college leaders, and 2 adult leaders.

Our team will be leaving Sunday, June 17th after church and will be home Friday afternoon on the 22nd. We will be staying at the United Methodist Church in Mullins. They have housed missionaries before and are looking forward to our arrival. One of the nicest aspects of their church is that they have a deluxe kitchen. After a long day of pounding nails, our group will gather for a nice hot meal. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided by our great kitchen crew.  There will be dorm style sleeping arrangements and you will need a cot or air mattress and a sleeping bag. The weather will be warm however we dress for construction. Pants and closed work shoes are suggested.

  • The total cost of the trip is $300.
  • A non-refundable $50 deposit is required at the end of this application. The final payment is due April 29th.
  • The information in this application will be used to run a background check. Background checks for adults are mandatory.
  • January 21st - Information Meeting
  • April 29th – Mandatory Meeting
  • June 10th – Mandatory Meeting

Adult Application (18 and over)

Youth Application (under 18)

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Discussion about this event

Donna Zelahy on 01/19/2018

What time is the information meeting on January 21st

McKenzie Bittinger on 01/19/2018

Last year I was in the theater right after church…I do not know if it will be the same though.

McKenzie Bittinger on 01/19/2018

Oops it (the meeting) not I

Donna Zelahy on 01/19/2018

Thanks McKenzie!! I thought that would be it I just was trying to make sure.

Paula Wenger on 01/20/2018

Yes, the meeting is being held in the theater, right after church.

Patrick McShane on 01/20/2018

Thanks Paula

Diane Fornicoia on 01/20/2018

I will help Meagan cook

Jun 17 – Jun 22
Sunday – Friday
11:30 am – 4:00 pm
9400 Saltsburg Rd.
Pittsburgh PA 15239
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